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Bethany Jayne Studio

Welcome to Bethany Jayne Studio, home to U.K. based Artist Bethany Wilson. Living and working in the beautiful town of Stamford in Lincolnshire, Beth is inspired by the Great British countryside and the nature within it. In her paintings you will find playful interactions with the shapes, textures and vibrant colours encapsulated by the landscape that surrounds us. Originally from rural Shropshire, Beth's connection with nature and land is extremely important and grounding to her - thus becoming the main subject matter for her paintings. Themes of home, comfort and freedom also run throughout her work as depicted by the use of animals, houses and warming colours.

"My work is extremely spontaneous and inspired by a need to capture a feeling of being in a place. I try to use line and colour in a way that evokes a sense of movement; like you could step into the painting and feel the moment it's portraying. I use a wide range of materials on canvas and paper, often mixing materials to add layers and depth to the work."

Running Fox Bethany Jayne Studio Original Art

Beth's work is in private collections across the U.K. and worldwide - to view sold work please view the paintings archive.

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