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My work mainly consists of bright, joyful paintings of flowers with the occasional landscape. I use a range of materials including acrylic, water colours, gouache, oil pastels and coloured pencils. My aim is to create work that is enjoyable and surprising. My paintings are made in a way that would be considered child-like, which I consider a good thing! I want it to come across through my work how fun painting should be and that we never really lose that innate need to make things that is so prevalent when we are young.

For this reason my subject matter focuses on the things that are light in life. Flowers from a loved one, a walk in the countryside, birds flying through the sky. All the things that may be fleeting but can be captured through a good painting session. I work in a range of sizes from A4 to large canvases, I find that I switch between sizes in the same way that I switch between mediums. Some paintings need something more fluid to capture the moment, and others need pigment and boldness. Generally bolder paintings need a larger surface and more space for brush strokes and composition. In this case I’ll work on a big canvas. However in instances where I want to focus on the details and textures within a composition I’ll revert to the immediacy of paint on paper.

I graduated from York St John University in 2021 with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art, where I focused primarily on painting. I have spent the past two years further honing my skills and portfolio and building a body of work that I love. This year I am taking part in my first Open Studio's where I will be inviting everyone to view my work in my home studio in Peterborough.


Peterborough Artists Open Studios, 2023.


The Grand Hotel, York, Group Exhibition, 2019.

'Knowledge is Power: 6 Towns', British Ceramics Biennial, 2018.

'Heartbeat', British Ceramics Biennial, 2018.


The National Students' Art Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London, 2017.

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