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Beth is an artist living and working in Lincolnshire where she paints and draws nearly everyday. Growing up in rural Shropshire, Beth has a strong connection to nature and the land which is often the starting point for the majority of her works. She recognises the importance of connection between humans and the natural world; using this in her paintings to explore themes of home, time and grounding.

Through painting she aims to express these recurrent themes and feelings that we get from experiencing the world around us. Her process often replicates ways of nature including many layers which change over time and intuitive marks and brushstrokes powered by emotion. Spontaneity is an important part of her process as it leads to surprising and joyful outcomes and allows for a raw, unfiltered connections to form within the work.

After completing her Fine Art Undergraduate Degree in 2021, she worked in a Pottery Studio whilst painting as much as she could in her free time. In 2023 Beth made the decision to pursue painting full time and has since participated in Peterborough Open Studios, a number of local exhibitions and is having her first solo show in March.

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